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UK Supreme Court rules Uber drivers are workers

Uber drivers

The UK Supreme Court has ruled that Uber must classify its drivers as workers and not independent contractors, a decision that could have wider implications for employment law and the gig economy. 

The UK Supreme Court unanimously dismissed Uber’s appeal and ruled that its drivers should be classed as workers with access to workers’ rights, such as minimum wage and paid holidays.

The decision is final from the UK’s highest court and came after Uber’s third appeal against a 2016 tribunal decision.

The consequences of this case are yet to be seen although they could be far reaching. Uber has argued that the ruling applies to only a small number of workers involved directly in the case and that it is not obliged to apply its findings to its other drivers.

The ruling underlines the importance of employers ensuring that they understand the basis upon which they contract with individuals and look at the reality of the relationship rather than the labels that the parties may give themselves.

In light of this case, businesses should review their contracts and practices in relation to employment status and rights.

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