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Q&A With Commercial Property Solicitor, Oliver Morris

commercial property solicitor

The Q&A series continues with Commercial Property Solicitor, Oliver Morris.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and explain the type of work you do at Loosemores Solicitors?

I started my role as a Commercial Property Solicitor at Loosemores in January 2020, having been a solicitor since 2013.  When I originally qualified as a solicitor, I advised on pension matters and then later I changed my focus to commercial property work, a decision I am very pleased I made.

My work involves advising and drafting on all aspects of commercial property work, with a focus on landlord and tenant work.

How have you been adapting to your sudden change in work environment?

It is been interesting working from home, especially with two young children running around. The firm has been very supportive, and I have been able to continue working at home with as little disruption as possible. We have all had to adapt quickly to the difficult circumstances and we are working hard to deliver the level of service our clients expect.

Any tips on looking after your wellbeing while working from home?

I have been trying to get back into running, as I find it helps me relax and switch off. I have been semi-successful in this goal. My children are also helping to keep me busy dealing with their needs. Spending more time with them has been a lovely benefit of working from home and has certainly kept my spirits up.

How has the UK commercial property market been over the last few months?

Thankfully the UK commercial property market has been quite resilient. We have seen the type of instructions changing, and some matters being put on hold. However, in the last month, we have seen a lot of new enquiries and instructions. Parties still need to do business, and we are here to help them achieve those aims. As commercial property professionals, we work closely with agents, surveyors and other solicitors. It has been a positive that in these unprecedented times good relationships between these groups have benefitted us all.

What do you find rewarding about your work?

For me, it is the relationships that you build with clients and with colleagues. It is always incredibly pleasing when clients return to you with a new instruction or you receive a new referral due to previous work.

I personally also really enjoy the technical aspects of drafting complex documents, whilst trying to achieve our clients’ timelines for completing a deal.

What advice would you give to someone looking at commercial property?

I would say that it can be helpful to get your solicitor involved at the beginning of the process. The team at Loosemores have a wealth of experience in commercial property matters and we can provide you with pointers when negotiating a deal and advise on how best to structure a deal for you. Sometimes, we find clients have inherited documents where solicitors were not involved. Whilst it may seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, it invariably saves money and a lot of disruption for the client in the long run.

If you need specialist advice, guidance or support from our team of legal experts, please email or call us on 02920 224433. Please contact James Pearn, Partner and Head of Property at Loosemores or Oliver Morris, Commercial Property Solicitor to find out more.



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