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Q&A – Maggie’s Cardiff

Maggie’s Centre – Cardiff


We recently sat down with Rachael from Maggie’s Cardiff. We spoke more in depth about what they do and the things that you can expect from a Maggie’s centre.

How long has Maggie’s been in Cardiff?

Maggie’s has been open in Cardiff open for 3 years. We are based in the grounds of Velindre Cancer centre in Whitchurch.

What does Maggie’s do?

At Maggie’s, we know that a diagnosis of cancer brings with it tough questions, exhausting treatment and difficult emotions. These challenges affect not only the person with cancer, but their family and friends too. We know when someone is diagnosed with cancer, they need much more than medical treatment. They might need information about how treatment will affect them; emotional support and practical advice; a place to go where they can meet and talk to people who are going through the same things.

Why are Maggie’s centres so unique?

When the idea for a cancer support centre began, at the time when Maggie herself was going through treatment. Maggie talked about the need for “thoughtful lighting, a view out to trees, birds and sky” and the opportunity “to relax and talk away from home cares”. So, going forward, we used that philosophy as a blueprint to create a network of completely unique spaces. Each centre is designed to provide thoughtful spaces to find privacy as well as places to come together as a group. Our landscapers and architects also work hand in hand to ensure there is a strong connection both inside and out.


Interior at Maggies Cardiff


What can someone expect when visiting one of your centres?

Our centres provide a safe, calm environment for people to find practical advice about benefits and eating well. Places where qualified experts provide emotional support; places to meet other people; places where you can simply sit in peace and quiet. Our core programme of support has been shown to improve physical and emotional wellbeing during treatment and recovery. This programme includes relaxation classes, yoga, art therapy, tai chi as well as support groups for specific cancers. We focus on the things that can really make a difference, such as money worries, help with stress and depression, managing side-effects, relationship and family support and bereavement support.

What makes your Cardiff centre different?

Our centre is designed to be warm and welcoming space, far from the clinical environment of the hospital. Our support team in Cardiff is made up of 3 cancer support specialists, 2 clinical psychologists and a benefits advisor who are on hand to speak to visitors and help them through their own personal situation.  We’re here for anyone with cancer and their loved ones, whatever kind of cancer, and whatever stage they’re at. All our support is free, and no referral is needed.

How can people support Maggie’s?

We run a number of events that people, or businesses can sponsor or fundraise for. We hold events such as Fire walks and Culture Crawl throughout the year. While you can also fundraise for events such as the Cardiff Half marathon. We also have donation and fundraising pages on our website. We provide information that shows the type of support people can get through the different amounts donated.

For more information, please visit Maggie’s Cardiff.

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