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Over 90% of Charities concerned they will not be compliant with new GDPR in time

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new regulation being introduced to strengthen data protection for individuals within the European Union. GDPR will come into effect May 2018.

Following its survey of 179 charities and not-for-profits, the Transform Foundation reported that 83% of respondents said their knowledge of the forthcoming GDPR changes was ‘patchy’ or ‘weak’.

Astonishingly, over 93% of respondents were uncertain if their organisation will be prepared in time for the May 2018 deadline. In addition, 68% indicated that they were ‘anxious’ or ‘uncertain’ about how they will react to and deal with the changes.

Along with new obligations for reporting personal data breaches, GDPR will also make it a requirement for every charity to have a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Organisations who are not compliant could face severe punishment and fines.

Rebecca McCarthy, charities specialist at Loosemores, has stressed her concerns:

“It’s alarming to see an apparent widespread lack of awareness of GDPR across the Third Sector. Many organisations are still unsure of what the changes are, how they will be affected and how to prepare for them. Furthermore, there are special concerns for small and medium sized charities, which often don’t have readily available in-house expertise or spare capacity.”

If you are involved with a charity and need advice or support on GDPR, including how best to prepare your organisation for the changes, please contact Rebecca McCarthy

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