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Loosemores Launch New Service ‘Loosemores HR’

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Employment Law and HR consultancy service – Loosemores HR.

Loosemores HR is a bespoke service that gives clients direct access to specialist Employment solicitors and experienced HR consultants for a fixed monthly fee.  Loosemores HR gives clients the advice they need, when they need it, with the benefit of knowing exactly what the cost will be in advance – effectively abolishing the traditional hourly rate fee structure.

The team will be led by Karl Thomas (Employment Law Specialist and Partner at Loosemores Solicitors) and will see Mark and Angela Coombes (Connective Business Solutions) act as specialist HR consultants.

The packages will be tailored to fit the needs and requirements of each individual organisation and clients can feel at ease knowing there will be an expert with them every step of the way.  Karl Thomas commented, “Although we may be an outsourced service, we will feel like an in-house team”.

Loosemores HR and Employment Law team, Mark Loosemore, Karl Thomas, Mark Coombes and Angela Coombes (Connective Business Solutions)
Pictured: Karl Thomas, Mark Coombes, Angela Coombes and Mark Loosemore (left to right)

Also commenting on the launch of Loosemores HR, Mark Loosemore (Senior Partner of Loosemores Solicitors):

“We are absolutely delighted to launch Loosemores HR. Having seen the success of Loosemores’ Employment Law department and having worked closely with Mark and Angela Coombes for a number of years, it made sense that the next step was to develop a new bespoke service under the Loosemores brand name that offers clients a tailored, fixed monthly fee, joint Employment Law and HR consultancy package.”

Visit the Loosemores HR page by clicking here.

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