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Is it time to review your charity’s governing documents?

governing documents

The charity sector has been hugely affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Trustees have played a major role in helping their organisations adapt and respond to the challenges presented by the pandemic. 

During the recovery phase, it is important that trustees take appropriate steps to safeguard against governance and compliance issues that may have been overlooked during the crisis.

 Is it time to review your charity’s governing documents?

When a charity is formed, its objectives and the rules for how it should operate are outlined in a governing document. The most common governing documents are a trust deed, a constitution or articles of association. As the applicable laws are regularly updated, charities also need to adapt to meet the changing needs of their beneficiaries. Trustees should review their governing documents to make sure that they are still appropriate, relevant, and up to date. 

Trustees are responsible for the good governance of their charity. Good governance means ensuring that proper procedures and policies are in place to manage a charity’s resources effectively. Governing documents are legal documents and therefore trustees must follow the correct procedures to amend them.

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