Wills, tax planning and trusts

Our experienced team of lawyers can assist you with:

Making or updating your Will

It’s easy to put off finding the time to make a will. However, it would be a mistake to assume that, without writing a will, your estate will benefit those you care about. By writing a will, you can ensure that you protect your wishes and make proper provisions for your loved ones.

Inheritance Tax advice

Our team of specialist lawyers can advise you on the various ways of minimising Inheritance Tax liabilities, such as writing a tax efficient will.

Creation and management of trusts and settlements

We are able to assist with placing property or assets in the hands of trustees, the creation of trust documents, advice to trustees on their duties and options, change of trustees, distribution/termination of trusts and the taxation of trusts.


Please email our wills, tax & trusts team or call us on 02920 224433 to find out more.